Dawnbreaker Press is always looking for skilled and motivated individuals to join our team. As a local company, we prefer to hire from the Greater Houston-Galveston area. This also helps for participating in meetings, project collaboration, and events.

Our starting minimum wage is $12-15/hour, with pay rates for permanent staff scaling up depending on experience, education, and specific job duties. Profit sharing and bonuses are also available. It should also be noted that most work can be completed on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home office or studio. Hours are flexible and deadlines are generous to accommodate busy schedules.

We offer comprehensive benefits for permanent staff, both full-time and some part-time positions, including dental, paid time off, paid professional development, profit-sharing, and more. Dawnbreaker Press is always looking for ways to reinvest in our employees and our company and will continue to add additional benefits for our staff.

Interested applicants should email  [email protected] with a short introduction and let us know which department you are interested in working for. Please include a CV/resume; editorial applicants should include writing and editing samples, design applicants should include a portfolio of previous work, and communications applicants should have reference material for their specialty.


Our Departments

Editorial: Editorial is responsible for developing, copyediting, and proofing manuscripts. Editorial is the first and most detail-oriented stage of book production. Most manuscripts go through many rounds of editing to reach a polished, professional quality. Editors work with MS Office, particularly Word. An educational background in English, literature, or communications is preferred, but any relevant experience in the field is also acceptable.

Design: Our design department includes book designers, adobe technicians, artists, illustrators, and the other creative people involved in bringing a book’s text to life. Design is the next stage of book production following editing and involves developing concept art, book cover and interior illustrations, as well as book layout and typography. Designers work with Adobe Creative Cloud suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign – and will usually have a background in the fine arts or other related artistic disciplines.

Communications: The communications department handles advertising, marketing, publicity, events, promotions, media correspondence, and all of the other functions necessary to ensure the success of the company’s authors and titles. Interested applicants ideally have some background and knowledge of the peculiarities of the publishing industry and the differences in how communications are handled. A background in business, communications, journalism, or any other relevant professional or educational experience is acceptable.