About Us

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Dawnbreaker Press is an author-owned independent publishing collective based in Galveston, Texas - a fancy way of saying we're a local group of writers and artists passionate about our work and supporting authors in publishing their books, not a big corporate publishing house beholden to stockholders or self-publishing company interested in selling you expensive publishing packages.

Dawnbreaker Press was founded in 2017 by Chandler Barton with the help and support of countless friends, family, and associates, many of whom are writers and artists themselves. Fed up with the exclusivity of traditional publishing houses and the exploitative tendencies of self-publishing companies, Chandler decided he was going to do publishing the old-fashioned way: with himself and a team of experts and professionals.

As an indie publishing house, Dawnbreaker Press takes the best of both the traditional and self-publishing business models and combines them into a hybrid approach. We do not make money selling you expensive publishing packages or services like self-publishing service companies do, nor are we interested in gutting authors dry with single-digit royalty rates like traditional publishing houses. Because we are local and community-based, we source our work from local professionals who share the same vision and goal of collective support and benefit, and being wholly owned and operated by authors means that we put the interests of authors first before anything else.

Dawnbreaker Press's team includes authors, designers, editors, illustrators, and other talented individuals who are dedicated to promoting the work of local artists and writers. Click a portrait below to learn more about each of our team members.

Andrew Allan

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